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A Sci-Fi movie that takes place during the space race. Over 400.000€ achieved through crowdfunding. It will be distributed through the Internet for free at the same time as DVD, TV and cinema.

What they say about The Cosmonaut

  • If their model is popular, Spain enters a new era.

The Cosmonaut has been featured in El País, Antena 3, CNN+. You can see it in:
Press appearances


You can read the original draft or the one used while editing the movie.

Aesthetic panorama

Our literary, visual and musical references when it comes to write the script and plan the film. We also tell you about some of the technicians and artists collaborating with us.

We tell you why The Cosmonaut is one of the most original film projects you have ever known in two minutes. You can make this film come true as a producer, investor or collaborator.

The Plan

A transmedia project suggesting a new way of fundation, production and distribution, making the most
of every aspect of the available communication tools: Internet, social networks, communities and mobiles.

Download our business plan, and find out our strategy to turn the film industry upside down.

Press kit

For journalists, bloggers and publications, a big summary of the project and some photographs (with Creative Commons licence) you can use wherever you want.

The press kit includes:

  • Project summary
  • Why it is innovative
  • Film synopsis
  • Crowdfunding and Creative Commons
  • Support, collaborations and awards

Anything you want to tell us?
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Do you want to collaborate with the film?

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The team

We think as one. We create as one. We speak as one. We move at the same time. We sleep as one (this is actually true: if we add all the sleeping hours of the whole team, we get the average of just one person). We are one with the wind.

Meet the people behind The Cosmonaut...

We are making this film possible thanks to

producers you can be one too

Take part

Robert Pratten won the Teaser Remix Experience, getting the first prize with this beautiful remix of the teaser trailer.
You can see all the results in the blog.

Past competitions results:

200 participating photographs

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The shop

You can buy the K-Pass or preorder de DVD of the film ;)

The merchandising, this is how we all want it