What they say about us

"One of the Creative Crowd's Greatest Hits" - WIRED UK

"They're transforming the way audiences experience films" - Hungry Eye

"Has The Cosmonaut discovered the future of filmmaking?" - Todd Bown, TWICH

"Their crowdfunding video turned me into a Cosmonaut" - Brian Newman

"If its example gains popular attention, Spain will enter a new era" - TVE

"One of the greatest examples of the power of the Internet" - CNN+

"The most stimulant cinematographic Spanish project at the moment" - EL PAÍS

"Innovation, courage and rigor" - Pedro Pérez, FAPAE

"A provocative new paradigm. A trailblazing project worth following" - Peter Broderick

"One of the most talented people in our country" - David Matamoros, head of Zentropa Spain

The Plan

A transmedia project suggesting a new way of funding, production and distribution, making the most of every aspect of the available communication tools: Internet, social networks, communities and mobiles. Download our business plan, and find out our strategy to turn the film industry upside down.

We've been invited as key speakers to over 50 international conferences at festivals, universities and different institutions

We've also been case of study in dozens of conferences and papers and we've been included in the books "The power of Open" and "Selling your film without selling your soul" by Jon Reiss, Sheri Candler and The Film Collaborative

- Pixel conference in Paris at MEDIA program
- ICT 2010 Event in Brussels
- Director's Guild, in LA [invited by Peter Broderick]
- Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography [VGIK] in Moscow, Russia
- TedX Madrid 2010
- The Hamburg Filmfestival
- Screen Yorkshire, in Leeds, UK
- Touscoprod, in Canada
- Oxford University
- Campus Party Spain and Campus Party Europe
- Zinemastea festival in Vitoria
- Medialab Prado
- Camón Alicante
- And many Spanish universities [UB, UOC and ESCAC in Barcelona; Juan Carlos III, Madrid; Navarra; Valencia; A Coruña...]